Ahh, Tink! No one can say it like you. Came back from another session at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago today. I have had no complaints about this place until Friday. I had a very full schedule and had a neural block scheduled first with a lung parenthesis done next followed by oncology meetings, radiation and 5 hours of chemo. They were supposed to give me sedation for the block which goes trough the spine and they had a terrible time getting my IV in 6 times they tried before they called the doctor. I get the neural blocks for back spasms and pain from my inital set of chemo, it runs down my legs and through the diaphragm. The nurse put it in the port or said she did and I told her that I didn't feel it go in. She insisted that all was well. When they started the procedure I told them again that it didn.t work and that my muscles were tightening up in response to the pain. They finished the procedure with a good deal of difficulty and after 10 minutes in recovery I was wheeled to the next! procedure which was a nightmare because of my pain. They had a time getting through the ribcage because of the tightness and I am ashamed to say I started yelling in pain. It made the whole day horrendous and the night as well. We had to be up at 5:30 am to be taken to Midway airport, and the more I thought about it the madder I got. Whoops I forgot to tell you why!!! They lied, they Never administered the sedation the Doctor finally told my husband. why? So I wouldn't be off my schedule and more alert for the oncology appointments. I'm still fuming to be honest. I can't believe the nurse looked me in the face and just plain lied.I REALLY WONDERED IF IT WAS THE PORT BUT IT WORKED FINE FOR THE CHEMO. ( sorry caps locked)

On a good note am cosidering going to Disney World in October!! We made plans this summer for a vacation with my daughter Jenn's family at our winter condo for the guys to play golf and me to spoil my grand-daughter! Another vacation with our son ad his family at Cedar Point and one in Vermont and Maine with our oldest daughter. These were schedled carefully because I go every 3 weeks for treatment and am dead the first week Starting to come around the second and miserable the 3rd, because I'm full of fluid again! But the good news is that my numbers have started to come downThanks for the rant!! Love you guys