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Thread: SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes First Twin Sea Lion Pups

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    Last week SeaWorld Orlando welcomed their first set of twin sea lion pups! This is very rare in the animal world as sea lions typically give birth to one pup at a time, so this is a grand feat for Mom. Fable, a nearly 14-year-old sea lion, is the proud mother of these cute little critters.


    The baby sea lions are healthy and have been seen nursing from Fable, who is also doing well. The pups will continue to nurse from their mom until they are between six and 12 months old. Fable, who has given birth to four other sea lion pups over her lifetime, was also born at SeaWorld Orlando.


    The first of the twins was born at 11am and the second followed a few hours later. The sex of the twins has not yet been determined.

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    Oh wow - well done mummy Fable!!

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    They are so cute!

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