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Thread: Ticket info please (not for me ;) )

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    My cousin and bestest mate is taking her family on holiday for 2 weeks shortly, they are staying in a villa and are planning on spending a few days in Disney , I'm ashamed to say that we have only stayed on property and it's been a few years now so my previous knowledge may be way out of date.

    They are planning on spending a few days in each park and water parks

    What ticket would you recommend and where is the best place for them to purchase please

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    The option to buy in this country is either 21/14 ultimate or 5/7 day premium. Between the 14 day and 5 day is only 5 difference for adults so if it was me i would get the 14 day and keep it open for the whole two weeks. Unfortunately it doesn't pay to go for a few days. The 14 day ultimate is 236 for adults, 205 for children

    You can look at American tickets without park hopping, with 3 days at the parks $242 plus tax per adult, $226 plus tax per child

    I have to say i always buy through Disney or a reputable travel agent

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    Yeah Disney are clever on the few-days park thing

    The ultimate's seem best value even though they give you more days than you need. Once you start paying for "just a few days" it gets very rapidly to the point were for just a few more quid you have the option of going any day of your holiday.

    It's a clever but annoying strategy
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    i just noticed that once you get over 4 days on the US tickets it is an extra $10 per day...bargain! LOL

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    Thanks chaps she is getting the 14 day ultimate. That's what we got last time didn't know if there were other options

    She is asking about the flex ticket for universal/seaworld. Where to buy and what etc not interested in Busch gardens

    I did tell her just to join here but ...

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    Have a look at Attraction Tickets Direct - they have some good ticket "bundles" and they send real tickets, not vouchers that need exchanging.

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    We get ours from Maple Leaf... they always price match. And they are proper tickets not vouchers.
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