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Thread: to twilight check in or not?

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    we are staying about 10 mins away from the terminal, the plan is for Jon to stay the night with us then drop us off in the morning at the terminal, I was thinking therefore about just checking in on the day. I wonder if i'll be missing out on anything if i don't do it? We won't be arriving at Gatwick until 7/8pm the night before. What do you think?

    if we do do twilight check in how long before do we need to get to the airport?

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    We always used to opt for twilight check in because we wanted specific exit seats. It is open until 9pm I think and the biggest bonus is that it will be fairly quiet and you won't have the chaos and hustle and bustle on the morning of the flight. You will have to leave a contact number and you will be give you boarding passes.

    On the morning you fly you will go straight to passort control and you have to be at the gate about an hour before departure. So just work out how much time you need in duty free and get there for that time.

    I would definitely go for twilight if I was you

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    i guess we could do it when we arrive at Gatwick then go to the hotel, is there anywhere to hover for Jon or is there a short term place to park that's not too expensive? Not bothered about duty free, guess i'd aim to arrive 2 hours before although we do have free lounge access with our bank account...hmm need to check that out... lounge or extra hour in bed? although i'll probably be too excited to sleep! LOL

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    Id definately do twilight check in it just makes everything in the morning so much more relaxed, you miss that first huge queue to check in and you dont have to get there so early! Id willingly go out of my way to do it the night before!

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    Or you could do online check in and just go to the bag drop desk the next day. We did that and it was handy keeping the bags in the hotel room with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 284346
    Or you could do online check in and just go to the bag drop desk the next day. We did that and it was handy keeping the bags in the hotel room with us.
    that's what i was originally thinking, not so much of a problem as Jon can take the dirty stuff etc back home with him. don't tell anyone but i feel an incy little bit guilty I'm sure i'll get over it though LOL

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    We've done twilight check in twice. Best. Thing. Ever.

    No queue, lovely service. And granted basically a "fast pass" which meant we didnt have to queue with everyone else for three hours to get through security. Nice little shortcut and straight into the security section.
    Meant plenty of time for breakfast and shopping.
    And the free alcohol in the private lounge! :-)

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    We always do you get first dibs on seats thanks to Virgins ridiculous seating system as well. Makes the holiday feel that bit longer as well

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    well i don't think i'll get first dibbs on Virgin i'm flying BA lol

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    Dur ignore me .... Baby brain

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