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Thread: Its goodbye for now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkerbell, post: 31168
    Aw we'll just miss you, we're on the 11.15am one.
    I'm gonna get there before you :tongue0011-1: (oh yeah now watch me get delayed )
    :tongue0011-1: :tongue0011-1: to you too! lol If you have a look in the gallery you will see what we all look like. We should be there around 9.45 so keep a look out for us. It would be lovely to speak. :p015:


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    Oh missed you but have a great Mags.

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    Have a fantastic time Mags! :smiley4::sigs-tv-010:


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    Im just hoping that we dont have major delays tomorrow. Today's VS015 is already scheduled to leave 4 hours late! The delays seem to have been creeping up on Virgin over the last few days.


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    that everything is on time and goes smoothly!!

    Have a brilliant time, can't wait to hear all about it!

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    sorry if i missed you Mags
    have a wonderful, magical trip and a safe journey
    Love Jacqui xxx

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