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Thread: live trippie from Ireland day 1/2

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    hi! well you all know about the bad start to our holiday yesterday so thats day 1 over with!

    day 2 [monday]

    we've had a nice day today apart from the rain.

    me and my brother had a long paddle in the stream that runs along the bottom of the garden and ended up getting soaked, after that we pestered dad to play cricket with us in the field next door.

    dad had to fix the brakes on his car as they stopped working properly on the way.

    we hade a nice lunch with salad from ann's garden and now she is kindly cooking us a roast dinner with veg from her garden.

    me and my brother have already caused mum loads of washing from playing in the muddy field and going in the stream!

    hopefully bill will be taking us down to the local golf club to collect all the lost golf balls. (well it saves us buying them:tongue0011-1

    hope to be back with another report for tomorrow!

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    Sounds like you are off to a good start!!! Give your Mom my best and tell her to stop with the laundry and enjoy herself!

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    Sounds like a lovely day....keep the reports coming. I hope you're taking photos too :thumbs_up:

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    just a quick update

    we didn't collect the golf balls last night but instead bill drove us down to bannow where we saw a massive river that met the sea. we had our own guided tour (by bill) of bannow and we visited ruins of a church and saw the ruins of a silver mine which were covered in foliage.

    we did take a small fishing rod in case the river was in as its a good place to catch mackarel - unfortunatley the tide was out so we went to a different little beach that has really smooth stones on and me and matthew collected a few.

    on the way home bill bought us all an ice cream that seemed to be a foot high.

    im off for my dinner now l

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    Wow that ice cream sounds yummy hope your`e all having a good time, say hi! to your Mum
    Jacqui xxx

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    I want Bill to buy me a foot high ice cream too!

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    I've added some pics to the original post!

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    Nice photos! I love the flowers by the stream. Very colorful. Thanks!

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    mum changed the photos so they are on the actual post as it seemed to take ages to link to the gallery ones on our computer. :rolleyes008:

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    Ilove ireland and enjoyed your report, any more photos?

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