From what I read, he purchased them from gun shops...the ammo came by internet. Exactly what I am saying...why not have some way to put the two together. He didn't have a dealer's license. The flag should have gone up. Why there is a no wait exemption for long guns (rifles) really gets me. And the NRA wants less gun control...not more or more prudent. I don't think our framers had in mind assault type weapons when they wrote that ammendment. I don't know how they could envision such a horrible situation that our populace would turn guns of such capability on others.

I had a good friend use the standard NRA position of a knife is capable of killing where will it stop? Will you have to have a wait period for a knife? What about the salt shaker on the table..that could be used to kill someone. I said yeah it could but it was designed for something other that killing as many living things in as short a time as possible.

I heard the same talking points straight out of the NRA handbook about knives, machettes and the like being used to kill. A sling shot killed Goliath...but I don't think David had a 30 shot rock magazine to use.