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Absolutely agree Dan.

But my point was that no matter what we do, someone who's focused and dedicated enough will be able to get around it. You'll never be able to legislate the crazies out of existence. Whether it's Colorado, Virginia, the 9/11 attack, the London subway, or the Norwegian massacre. Crazies will always get around whatever we put in place to stop them. Not laws, or concealed weapons or small nuclear devices will stop them unless they can be identified.

This is the only thing that is going to be able to solve this kind of problem. If there had been even a modicum of heuristics applied to these purchases, this nut would have been identified and the police could have paid him a little visit prior to this becoming a nightmare.

Ahh... but he did Shelly. He bought all the firearms totally legally and above board. Not off the internet. He went through the background check and came up totally clean. You can't buy firearms off the internet. You have to buy them through a dealer who has a Federal Firearms License. You can only buy ammunition off the internet (which in itself is pretty stupid).

The point is his buying habits should have been the giveaway. Not what he was buying. But how much and when. Nobody has the need for that much weaponry and ammunition in the space of time that he bought them in.

Tom (... you can't legislate the crazies!)

Then I stand corrected. The article I read said otherwise. I just don't see any possible way of making someone like this follow laws and regulations. I mean drugs are against the law here, but people buy them and take them everyday. If someone is intent on this kind of evil, they are going to make it happen. I don't see how a law is going to change it.