I think role models are a product of what the family brings into the home, to a certain extent. The only "reality tv" we do here is Deadliest Catch, and the boy doesn't watch that.

He is watching the Olympics though and loving every minute.

Speaking of which, I know we've mentioned this here in the thread several times, but again this morning I'm left disgusted. I'm seeking out information on news feeds and clips that show the ENTIRE Olympic experience, not just the xenocentric nonsense that NBC is producing. They again were airing old gymnastic events instead of bringing us the current games.

I feel like we are in some information controlled country and only allowed to see what "they" want us to know. Too weird. Too frustrating.

So, please! Continue to share your Olympic news. It's the only way some of us are going to know the full extent of the games.

Skywatcher, those photos please? :D