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Thread: Ticket pick up question.

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    We are arriving and staying off-site on the night before our package starts. The CM I spoke with said we would not be able to go to any park until we have checked in at BLT on the day our package starts. However, I saw online that you can do “Early Ticket Pickup” at any park or even DTD for up to three days prior to the package start date. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    i had heard that you could do that a few years ago but i think they stopped it. if it were me i would go to BLT and check in really early, potentially have the better choice of rooms and make sure i get my tickets without delay.

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    How early can you check in

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    Quote Originally Posted by OconeeDawg, post: 287198
    How early can you check in
    how early can you get there? LOL

    7am springs to mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by OconeeDawg, post: 287198
    How early can you check in
    We've checked in as early as 8-8:30am. More than likely your room will not be ready (however, one year when checking into Port Orleans we got into our room at 10am) but they will take your cell number or e-mail address and notify you as soon as your room is ready.

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    The other good thing about checking in early is they will look after your luggage and arrange to have it transferred to your room for you.

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    You can also drop your luggage off at Bell Services and they'll hold it for you until you can get into your room later!

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