My DW's son Allen called us yesterday.

As I've mentioned before, Allen lives in Los Angeles and works for Jeff Greenberg doing the casting on the hit ABC comedy "Modern Family".
(BTW - they got another Emmy nomination! )

Well, it seems that Allen and a good friend of his were out running errands the other day and felt the need to stop somewhere and get lunch. They ended up stopping in a nice, fairly upscale restaurant.

When they got inside, there were no tables available. However, there were a couple of counter service stools. As they got closer, they noticed that one of the only two remaining stools was piled with woman's purses and such. Courtesy no doubt of the pair of quite attractive women sitting on the stools to the right of these. Allen, not being terribly shy about such things, tapped the lady closest to them on the shoulder and politely asked if they'd mind moving their purses so that he and his friend could sit. The woman he asked was a very attractive blond and she smiled sweetly and told him that it would be no problem at all.

So, purses moved, Allen and his friend had a seat.

Lunch was duly ordered and, after it came, Allen noticed that he needed a bit of ketchup for his fries. Said ketchup sitting on the counter down in front of the lovelies to his right. So again, not one to stand on ceremony, he tapped the lovely next to him again on her shoulder and asked if she'd mind passing the ketchup. Again, a sweet smile and immediate agreement. So, ketchup in hand Allen proffered his thanks and went about finishing his meal.

Well, Allen and his friend finish, pay their bill and exit the restaurant. Safely back in their car, the friend looks Allen in the eye and inquires if Allen perhaps had recognized the lovely he had been conversing with in the restaurant. Blank look on his face, Allen replies "no", he didn't recognize her at all.

That's when the friend looks at him with a dumbfounded look on his face, breaks into peals of laughter and exclaims, "that was Bo Derrick"!

Heck of a casting director, huh?

Tom (... who's old enough to remember "10"!)