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Thread: Eating from the "Children's" menu at Table Service Restaurants?

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    There are a couple of places I'd love to take them for the "experience" rather than the menu. In fact, in looking at the menus, I'm not sure what they'd find to eat except the standard fare on the Children's Menu (i.e. Sci Fi, 50's Prime Time). The girls are 13, well beyond the 9-year old suggested age, will they still allow them to order from the Children's Menu? I'll happily pay an upcharge, notsomuch looking to save money as trying to make sure they leave content and aren't claiming they're "starving" ten minutes later

    Any advice?

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    I know they used to do that, charge extra and anyone could order. I honestly can't imagine why they wouldn't now, especially if you are paying cash.

    It's Disney! They are supposed to do what the guest wants!

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