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Thread: Dining Changes at the France Pavilion in Epoct's World Showcase

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    Things are changing behind the scenes in France's Pavilion, the Bistro de Paris, as well as the Boulangerie Patisserie bakery pastry shop will have new looks by early December.

    The Bistro de Paris will have a whole new look and a new name and the Boulangerie Patisserie will reopen in a new location and the old shop will become an Ice Cream Parlor.

    Jerome Bocuse, president and owner of the company that runs all three – and son of world-famous Chef Paul Bocuse – about the upcoming changes:

    One of the biggest change guests will see is in the new upstairs restaurant. It will have a new name and dining room new costumes for the servers, new menu.

    The new décor will be fresh and bright colours and the servers will be in less formal attire – no more tuxedoes. The food will be the true cuisine of France – classical, but with an approachable, affordable twist.

    There won’t be any changes to the Chefs de France downstairs, it is a classic restaurant that will stay the same.

    The Boulangerie Patisserie will be in a brand new building which is currently under construction at the back of the pavilion. There will be a menu to add salads and sandwiches and there will be about 90 seats.

    The old pastry shop will become the Glacier ice cream parlor.

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    Oh. Of course. Our favorite restaurant to be revamped.

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