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    who is best to hire cars from, just been having a quick look and came across alamos 'roadside service' what a bloomin scam to get more money out of people!!!

    is there anyway that a brit can pick up a car without having to endure the salesman at the desk? it just ends with me nearly strangling him!!


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    Well, I was going to say Alamo is pretty reasonable! I've gotten over Hertz. They overcharge and their cars are getting pretty ratty. Avis is another big name, as is National and Budget. I try to stay away from the smaller companies as I've had too many bad experiences with them.

    I was using Hertz exclusively, but have now started using Alamo.

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    i think that because we have to say we don't live in the US that they try to charge us for more things

    would you normally think that if a tyre burst or a window broke it would be covered Tink? that's what they're trying to get money out of us for.

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    I don't ever take their insurance or any extra coverage. If a tyre blows then that would be their headache. They'd have to come and replace the car, etc. If you are in an at fault accident, then you'd have some issues if you didn't have insurance coverage. My personal auto insurance covers my rental car as well (and did when I was in Ireland too).

    Does your's?

    Mine won't cover me if I visit someplace like Iraq, but for most foreign countries, I'm ok.

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    Oh, meant to say I really hate the spiel too. I've usually got this harried look on my face and wish them good day and say (before they have yet to open their mouths) that I'm DREADFULLY sorry but I'm in a wicked hurry as I have been delayed. Could they PLEASE process my paperwork as fast as humanely possible. Then I give them a trembly smile and the most pititful look I can muster. I hand them my copy of the reservation and say I'm having the GPS and the gasoline buy up, does that help to move things along???

    Works like a charm.

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    perhaps i've been going about it the wrong way!!! i will try it next year lol

    no we have to take out insurance. If they have to fix tyres/windscreens for you without your insurance being involved why are they charging us? wonder what would happen if we challenged it.

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    You can only ask! (But then you are inviting the spiel)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 31722
    You can only ask! (But then you are inviting the spiel)!
    and then i'd get grouchy

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    Yeah, I really dislike the sales pitch. Particularly when you keep saying no, and they get nastier and nastier. The rolling eyes really sends me. :sigh;

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