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Thread: Tropical Storm Isaac

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    Stay safe guys

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    The first half of today was a steady downpour. The roads were slick and there were a few accidents on I4 when we were traveling along that roadway. Some ponding, and some high water on local catch ponds and creeks.

    Some thunder and lightning, and our phones nearly scared us witless when they went off (while driving!) to alert us to a tornado in the area. No reports of a touchdown or sighting though.

    So, the remainder of the day was cloudy and gray, with a cool breeze, but muggy and hot without the breeze.

    I believe the bands have moved off north, but the weather is expected to still be cloudy and rainy through tomorrow.

    All in all, not a bad thing for Florida, while being a not so great thing for visitors to the greater Orlando area.

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    Still some random heavy showers here today. We were in DTD when one broke open the skies.

    Hope all is well your way, DisneyFreak.

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    Stay safe ;-) and try ;-)

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    Hmmm, that picture is a bit of a worry. I hope everyone is safe and I sincerely hope New Orleans doesn't get it again.

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    New Orleans is going to get it again.

    There was a news report last night about an area in south east Florida that was hit by a tornado spawned by the hurricane. Much damage to many homes. Fortunately, no loss of life.

    I have nieces in Baton Rouge, and they are well prepared. The wind is there but no rain yet. Everyone is just waiting, and as prepared as they can possibly be.

    When we were there one year ago, July for one niece's wedding, there were still homes with the blue tarps on their roofs.

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    I don't know what to say, other than horrendous

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    And a levee is topped. The worst case scenario. The evacuation of the area that will be flooded is expected to be successful but that won't save people's homes.

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    Oh no, that's terrible

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