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Thread: planets and stars

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    Hope its ok to ask while we're talking about astronomy

    1. is it true that if its flickering its a star if not its a planet?
    2. is it possible to see the space station and how can we tell what it is
    3. website says look for saturn its yellow, everything looks white to me am I going mad?
    4. are all the photos we see on tv artificially coloured and how do they decide on what colours to use?

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    1. Yes you are correct a planent is much closer and its light is reflected and as such it will not appear to flicker as a stars does.

    2. Yes passes of the space station occur quite often and next time they are due over the UK I will post and update with a link to the times of passing - it is a wonderful sight to see and very obvious

    3. you have to let your eyes dark adapt for at least 1/2 an hour - even looking at a streetlight will mess it up and the colour thing os obvious all be it subtle

    4. they try and get as close to actual colour as possible - as with my pics but there is always some artistic licence to get the prettiest effect - as to the true colopur well that depends on what wavelengths you can ssee in

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    Well I've learnt something today thanks all

    Im still not sure where Im looking in the sky but Ill be out there tonight

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    Those were interesting questions and answers. :thumbs_up:

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    We should have an Ask Chris Q and A session

    I'll get my monacle

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