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Thread: A rave about Big Italy

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    Just got back from dinner at Big Italy on International Drive. Now I am fussy but neither of us could fault the restaurant, staff and definitely not the food.

    When your drinks are brought to your table, you get bread and a dip of olive oil with capers, herbs and chopped olives.

    All pizzas on the adult menu are 12inch so I had to box some of mine. All pizzas are thin crust too. Over 100 pizzas and over 50 pasta dishes to choose from as well as steak, chicken and fish dishes.

    We had a side salad too which came with the usual choice of dressings.

    Staff very attentive and friendly.

    Side booths along the two sides of the room next to full windows which all have separate blinds. We pulled ours down a little. Tables in centre of room and a full bar.

    Screen by bar showing news and one football. Screens dotted around room with Italian trivia, recipes and photos of food on the menu which passed the time by quite nicely.

    Will definitely be going back.

    Best pizza we have ever had

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    Hi Diane hope you both having a wonderful trip just popped on to see all my lovely friends again
    see you when you get back
    Jacqui xx

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    Thanks for the review! Which pizza did you get? 100 pizza choices???? Wow. So, I take it they have a choice of the fancy gourmet pizzas too?

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    Just took a gander at their menu. Looks enticing.

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