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Thread: Blue Zoo

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    If you have eaten here what is your opinion, is it worth going?

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    Yes. It's expensive, though. The fish is very fresh, and the atmosphere is unique. It can be acoustically loud though (I think that's because of the design). It's meant to make you feel as though you are under water and it works for the most part.

    I'm not a huge fan of Todd English's way with food, but this is a nice change. Probably one of the best places on property for seafood (and we all know how particular I am about that)! LOL.

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    Definitely give it a try Wendy.

    We love the Blue Zoo and on our last trip we had a fantastic meal there with great service and it worked out a darn sight cheaper than our earlier meal at Narcoosee`s which was a dreadful experience.

    If you go though, don`t forget to get your car park ticket validated or you will be charged for parking....not sure how the valet/disabled system works though.

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    That's good info to know, Slowhand. Thanks!

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