We have had a rabbit coming in our garden for a while now, he lives in the house at the back of us. Chris went round to see them because the rabbit was in the road and nearly got run over by a car and the woman couldn't care less, she just said he'll be ok. I've spoken to some neighbours and they said that there used to be 2 rabbits but one disappeared and we're wasting our time with them.

I've been putting out a little food and water for him and he seems to always come back into our garden around this time of day. Mornings he is in the front street, luckily we live in a cul de sac so there isn't that much traffic.

It's torrential rain outside and I've covered over a sun bed so that it is dry but the grass is still wet and he looks so sad. I don't know what to do for the best

I've been looking at the price of hutches, but he's not mine and also he can get in and out of our garden under the trees somewhere so I guess you could say he's free range

What shall I do, if I make up a temporary place for him to keep dry do you think he will use it, I could put the plastic lid of a storage box on the grass, line it with newspaper and put straw on top

I am so angry with his owners :mad: