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Chris doesn't
Well I had another good look around and it's verrrry hard to tell.

The first problem is, at&t use a lower 700mhz band for 4glte and verizon use the upper 700mhz band. Until recently, there were no comms chips that could do both apparently :/ Qualcomm have just brought one out so it would be possible for apple to support both at&t and verizon with a single model phone now if they used that chip. Otherwise it'd be different models again.

Assuming they brought EITHER the at&t OR the verizon variant to the UK, neither would work :( our 4g is going to start on 1800 later this year and although it may get to other frequencies, it's highly unlikely to be 700!

Sooooo we'd probably need a UK 4g variant and the problem there is they'd again probably have to choose which network to support gulp.

Soooooo hmmmmmm! Im sure it'll have 4g for the US... whether it'll have a useable 4G chipset for the UK is a different matter.