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The iphone 4s doesn't have 4G.. the 4 in its name stands for 4th generation iphone.

What it DOES have is HSPA+ which is a 3G style technology but offering faster speeds using the same basic frequencies and chipsets.

If you connected to AT&T orlando prior to IOS 5.1, you would get a 3G symbol on your display, after the upgrade, AT&T pushed apple to report it as 4G (even though it's not what most people would consider as true 4G).

So obviously the phone wasn't doing true 4G or going any faster than it was before the upgrade but just the label had been changed.

When we're debating if the iphone 5 will have 4G we're talking proper 4G lte like Verizon have in Orlando :)
Ok thanks. All very confusing. Just been reading else where we will all be disappointed with no new iPhone later, is this true?

Anyone else having iCloud email problems, mine been down for 26 hours now yet hubby's is fine. I see others are reporting the fault.