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Thread: anyway to call home from disney for free?

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    Is there any way to callhome from disney using my laptop for free or cheaply? could that skype do it and if it can, how? do both sides need it?

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    Yes you could do it with Skype most definitely if both ends have Skype. It has been so long since I have used Skype I don't remember if you can call a regular phone or not, but if you could there may be a charge.

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    Can't help you much with free calling but I do know that you can email a wicked neat post card from Innoventions.

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    The thing is though that to use Skype you need internet access and as far as I know that ISN'T free at most Disney resorts.

    Wish it was - it would make it very economical to keep in touch!
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    I think it's $10 (give or take) per day to use the internet at WDW?

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    It is, Tink. Actually, for 24 continuous hours of use. If you plan it well, you can use it over two days. I've done that to minimize the cost for business use. I was able to upload the data I needed for two days, skip a day, then do three more days--five days of data for the cost of two!

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