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Thread: Is it worth prepaying tolls?

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    you know all the tolls in orlando? last time we hired a car they really did a hard sell on a prepay scheme for tolls but we didnt take it

    does it make sense to prepay?

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    Probably not. It depends on what they are charging you, and how often you intend to take toll roads. There are always alternatives to the toll roads, and depending upon where you are going, better alternatives!

    A really good map will do you better, and cost less!

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    Depends on where you are going. There are 2 tolls on 528 between MCO and the Disney area. The only other place we've visited that involved tolls was Kennedy Space Center. We don't prepay as it's just not worth it.

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    I reckon the only time when it may be worth having pre-paid tolls is if you are doing a lot of driving outside the Orlando area, eg if you are planning a trip to the Keys where the toll charges can soon add up.

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    We are the exception to the rule we always prepay and we use the toll roads whenever possible. It's nice not having to worry about having change or coming off to pay.

    Having said that, we are going to buy our own unit this time ready for use next year and then we will just pay for what we use and only top it up when we have to.

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