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Thread: Get to know you post?

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    Should we all start a get to know you post again?

    It's nice to read a bit about everyone and find out who we're talking to what do you think?

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    Jun 2008
    United Kingdom
    Well I'm Keith with the imaginative username of... Keith

    I started the site along with some friends a few years ago and am glad to welcome you all whether new faces or old

    Been to Disney far too many times to count and was married in the wedding pavilion in December 2002

    When not Disneying, I'm a total computer and photography nut

    Favourite Disney resort... Wilderness lodge for relaxation, contemporary for location
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    I'm Tink.

    I live about 20 minutes north of WDW. We are DVC members and yep, we come to WDW and love staying onsite.

    Our favorite park is EPCOT, followed very closely by AK.

    We too have been to WDW far more times than we can count.

    Our favorite resort? Well, OKW for our home resort, but we love Kidani Village too. Beach Club for non-DVC (yes, there is a DVC there, but for the resort hotel proper, we love the Beach Club).

    We originally came to Florida to the south west coast and used to live in Ft. Myers. We moved to the Central Florida area in 2001.

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    Staffordshire U.K.
    My name is Terry and my username is in honour of a certain Mr Clapton who is my number one guitar hero.

    We`ve been to WDW on a regular basis since 1985 and we have been DVC members since 1992, shortly after its beginning, so my home resort is OKW.
    Having taken an early retirement a few years ago, we bought a villa in the Orlando area which [in theory] allows us to visit WDW as often as funds will allow.
    My job involved a load of overseas travel, but my favourite place of all is Florida. [No surprises there then! ]

    Despite owning a villa, we tend to stay for a few days at the GF every time we visit as this is our favourite resort and we have stayed there oodles of times, hence we know many of the CM`s there which makes it feel like home from home.

    We`ve just completed our 10th DCL Cruise and intend to go on loads more in the future.

    Away from WDW and here, I have recently started a wedding car business, more as a hobby than a financial necessity, so I have built a 1930`s lookalike kit car for this enterprise over the last year or so, and I am now part way through building another similar car.
    I never worked this hard when I was working for real!

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    Romford, Essex
    I'm Sandra, I work for a Vicar doing her admin and also lots of things for our Preschool. I'm married to Jai and we have 3 boys, 20, 18 and 13

    We have our 25th Wedding Anniversary coming up this year.

    We have never stayed on site, even before we bought our villa we rented villas, we like our space and freedom. Each to their own of course

    We try to get to Florida twice a year so we can check on our home. We are off to Sanibel tomorrow and are looking forward to a few beach days.


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    Apr 2011
    Wickford, Essex
    Hi I'm sue and my husband and I have recently become new parents to how gorgeous boy Zac. Up until Hong Kong Disney opened I had been to all the Disney parks/resorts (WDW, Disneyland, eurodisney, and Tokyo Disneyland). We have been to Disneyland Paris a few times and WDW a few times too.
    Love going to WDW and having our holidays in USA. Looking forward to finally getting back to Florida October 2013
    We have stayed on site once and that was are the animal kingdom lodge and we loved it there and will definitely take Zac there one day
    I love being part of this forum as it gives me the chance to talk to people about Disney world

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    Im Mari, from Mexico City.

    Married for 8 years to Toņo, and we have two beautiful (Im biased) daughters. Tatiana is 4 and Natalia is 2.
    We have 3 dogs, Oso, Bailey and Luca.

    What can I say? Im so happy I married someone who loves Disney as much as I do... we have been there 4 times, including our honeymoon, and 2 times since we had kids. Living in a place where dollars are very expensive, Disney trips for us require lots of saving, and planning, and making decisions on what not to buy to be able to afford going, but we still have managed to go, and will hopefully keep going frequently.... its where we hav emade some of the best family memories!

    I love to plan for Disney vacations, whereas Toņo can simply wake up and ask which park we are doing that day, I guess thats good since I get to decide and choose what I like best hahahahahaha

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    Hi, my name is Robin my user name is tinkmidas after our 2 dogs. I am an RN in a Cardiology practice. I am married(22 yrs) and have one daughter 16yr old(omg). We love to go to Disney but we live and work in PA so we try to go every few years. Our favorite resort is GF and our favorite park is MK. I love to take pictures and scrapbook. We have a trip planned in Nov this year and we are soooo excited.

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    Woodbridge, VA
    I'm John, I live in Woodbridge, Virginia. My DW and I both work for our favorite uncle (Sam).

    We have 3 children, 10 grand children and 1 great-grand child. We try to get down to WDW at least once per year and will be heading down in October. We went to the fatherland for the 50th Anniversary in 2005. My job has enabled me to travel all over the world, though no major travel of late. We did get to England in 2007 where we had some wonderful hosts and hostesses to show us around. We've been on one DCL Cruise, bur are looking forward to another.

    My Facebook Profile: Facebook

    To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. - Heather Cortez

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix

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    I'm Lisa - another imaginative user name like Keith

    WDW is my passion, it was the first holiday hubby and I shared and we got married at the Pavillion December 2004.

    Favourite park has to be the Magic Kingdom, the castle always takes my breath away, doesn't matter how many times I see it. I LOVE Wishes too, always makes me emotional.

    We currently have a small DVC contract, which is fantastic for us.

    I have a successful photography and cupcake business (the photography business pays for our Disney fix every year )

    I live in a town in Bedfordshire, England called Sandy with my hubby, our puppy dog Talulah and my kitty cat Ruby. We've decided that we need to share our Disney passion with a little one, so have recently started trying for a baby too

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