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Thread: Jellyrolls

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    Have you been to Jellyrolls, what's it like, is it a good night out.

    Can you eat there or is it just a place to spend an hour or so

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    Gosh not been there in a number of years but yeah it's fun! At the time I went they didn't have anything to eat but perhaps thats changed. The night I last went there were a number of CMs in there on their night off and it was loud and felt very much like it was THEIR club that night and we were rather intruding.

    Still it was a good few hours so no regrets

    Rather better IMHO is Pat O'briens at universal citywalk. Same kinda idea, duelling pianos but a number of rooms and a full dining menu. Great atmosphere (I had WAY too many hurricanes there in May)
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    If the Pat O'Brien's at Universal is anything like the original in New Orleans then it would be great fun.

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    We walked into Jellyrolls years ago and turned right around and walked out. Way too smokey. I don't think they allow smoking anymore though? Not sure.

    The music coming from the place sounds good. Not sure I'd be comfortable in a cast member night. They get pretty insular.

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    We always say we are going to try Jellyrolls but never have.

    Pat O'Brians is lots of fun.

    We signed up for the eclub for Howl at the Moon and received 2 complimentary passes. We are going Tues night :-)

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