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Thread: What You Might Not Know About Disney's Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World

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    If you have ever been to Disney's Wilderness Lodge, you know you walk through the resort’s doorway in Florida and, suddenly, you’ve been transported to America’s Great Northwest.

    The seven-story lobby is built with eighty-five truckloads of Lodgepole Pine, brought from Oregon and Montana. The layered look of the main 82-foot fireplace duplicates the layered rock strata of the Grand Canyon. The resort’s 727 guest rooms reflect themes of wildlife, nature and Native American designs.

    Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has something for everyone — fans of American history, lovers of the great outdoors, and folks who just want to relax by the two pools and the white-sand beach. For fans of classic Disney animation, guest rooms just went through a refresh – including the addition of shower tiles featuring Meeko from “Pocahontas,” “Bambi,” and Chip ‘n Dale.

    Here’s a video tour around the resort.

    Have you stayed at this Resort and what do you enjoy most about it?

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    I loved this resort!

    I loved how cozy it felt, even in 100 degree heat, once inside, it felt like we were in the mountains

    I really liked how big the lobby was, the huge fireplace and the wood rocking chairs. The bridge and wishing well? were also nice

    I also really enjoyed that it was all under the same roof, it makes it easier for me at least not to have to go in and out of buildings with little ones, because of the heat, the sun, the a/c, the rain, etc...

    Loved the boat ride to MK, and how close it was to all the action, yet, at the same time it was secluded.

    The things I didnt like too much, I thought the gift shop was tiny for a Deluxe, and so was the food court, very small with very limited choices.

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    The WL was my dream resort and it definitely lived up to my dreams. I was lucky enough to stay in a villa room for one night and then I transferred over to the Lodge itself. The theme is my ideal theme. Cozy and relaxing. In fact, part my place is decorated in a wilderness theme. I stayed during the holiday season and loved the trees. The fireplace is amazing. My window was straight down the middle in the back towards the pool. I feel so lucky to have stayed there.

    There is only one thing I would alter: the food court. It was tiny and did not offer much.

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    Ohhhhhh I want to go now!!! Looks wonderful, the lobby looks a little like akl.

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    The architectural style is the same, Sue. The decor is very different, of course but you will see the similarities between the two when you visit. Both have that museum like quality in the lobby area. I think AK seems more massive upon entry, but that is only because of the set up and few of the different aspects of location (of stairs, firepit versus fireplace, etc.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by foreverducky, post: 290127
    There is only one thing I would alter: the food court. It was tiny and did not offer much.
    100% agree, Dr. FD!

    When we stayed there, I was very disappointed in the food court. Left a whole lot to be desired.

    Tom (... other than that, I love the place!)

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    Sounds wonderful...maybe the Skip's next tirp destination. Like the fact you can take the boat to get to MK and TTC. From there you can go lots of places!

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    While I love the theming and the whole overall feel and location of this resort I was disappointed in the 2 bedroom Villa least the one we had. It seemed pretty run down and in desperate need of a refurb.

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