Ok.. lets see...

We would love to do a combination for our next tri, hopefully next year. Some days at the parks, and then a relaxing cruise , if we can afford it. So we need to start getting quotes and an idea of how much it would be to do both.

The girls will be 3 and 5, which I think, hope, pray hahaha is old enough to have a good time, and possibly spend some time on their own.... possibly??

Anyway, since we do want to visit the parks, we know we would have to leave from Port Canaveral.

Thats all I got!! hahahahahahaha

Oh well.. we dont want 3 nights, I think its not enough time to have fun, so a 4-7 night cruise. Im not sure how many ports of call would suffice, we do want to rest and enjoy the ship, so could either be Bahamas or Caribbean.

We want a room with oceanview,not sure we need a veranda, but DO NEED a real window, I get a bit caustrophobic

We would have to go during the summer, because of school, but are flexible on dates as long as its July/ August or early September at the most.

Now... what would you do? Which cruise? Ship? type of room? activities?