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Thread: Let's try this...

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    Choosing any single dish from any WDW restaurant (Park, resort, DTD...) create a meal you would love to have.

    You must choose a starter/appetizer, entree, and dessert and each must be from a different restaurant (full service, counter service, or buffet).

    So then? What would you combine to make the "perfect" Disney dining experience?

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    Off to look at my dining app, maybe some time LOL

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    Oooh tough one!

    starter/appetizer - Prince Edward Island Mussels (Narcoossee's)
    entree - Spicy Kazan Roll (california Grill)
    dessert - Maple Creme Brulee (Le Cellier)

    I am so hungry now!


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    Coconut curry chicken soup from Boma

    Miso Salmon from yak and yeti and

    Maple creme brle from Le cellier

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    Easy for me seeing as there is usually only one thing on each menu I will eat!

    Starter: Dont have them very often so haven't experienced many but loved the Arancini at Citricos.

    Main: Duban roast chicken, potatoes with alfritude and salads from Boma

    Dessert: trifle from Raglan Road


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    Oh, I think this is an easy one.

    Canadian cheddar cheese soup (Le Cellier) - I need that bread too!
    Potato wrapped sanapper - Flying Fish. Was there ever a more heavenly dish created?
    Almond crusted cheesecake - Narcoossees. Oh boy, I have dreams about this one.


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    This will take some time. I'll get back to you later.

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    Fun idea Tink! Here's mine.....

    Starter/appetizer - Seared Ahi Tuna (Yak & Yeti: Animal Kingdom)
    Entree - Night in Casablanca: Seafood Bastilla, Roasted Lamb Meshoui & Chicken Brochette served with seasoned rice (Restaurant Marrakesh: Epcot)
    Dessert - Strawberry Shortcake (Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue: Fort Wilderness)

    I'm glad I'm doing this right before lunch because for some reason I'm now hungry.

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    OK let's try this...

    Pan Seared Scallops from The Wave
    Slow Roasted Buffalo Strip Steak from Artist Point
    Grapefruit Cake from The Brown Derby.

    I'll have changed my mind in 5 minutes though.

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    wow!! you guys are good!

    I havent tried a single dish you mentioned hahahahahaha

    And also, Im having THE hardest time coming up with a menu!!!

    yeah... ok.... I give up hahahahahahahahaha

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