Hello everyone - my name's Dave and Ann was my wife - but I guess you may have known that already

Its taken me a little while to put this together - apologies for this

I wont go into the detail of the circumstances of what happened - it was a bad time - but I did see that Ann had relayed some of the progression of what occured - but the day we found out 2 weeks ago was something that I relive vividly in itself - but that was nothing compared to what was to happen

We have set the date of the service at the Bournemouth crematorium at 2.15 on friday being a week tomorrow (7th I think) - if you wish to come - please do - I would be happy to see you - though of course I know many of you are so far away - and please dont worry if you are unable to make it

Its the crematorium as Ann had always been very specific in the past about that side of things - there wont be flowers as Ann was never keen on flowers - I know thats a little unusual - but we thought we would keep it with what she liked - and thanks for the cards I have received as well

I know she really enjoyed her time with you all here - I know I had not started any posts before - but Ann showed me lots of the entries over time and I had contributed to some replies

I love Disney too - maybe not quite enough to want to go every year - but I knew how important it was to Ann - and we were lucky enough to fit in a few visits in the far too few short years we had together - in fact I remember that I was able to show Ann some parts of the parks that she was unaware of - there are so many happy memories of those times - and that makes me smile

I also remember the assistance and the gifts we received for our wedding - it was just the perfect day - for the perfect wife

I know how disappointed Ann was that we were not going to NY and we had read the recent posts that were put up by Mick I think it was, together - she so wanted to see the high line and all the sights

I have been truly touched with all the messages I have received - my apologies if I forgot to answer any - as well as the comments I saw on the earlier threads

I have also been impressed that you could see just what a lovely person Ann was - you can imagine how lucky I was - she was so devoted to me - I had never experienced anything like it - and we were so similar in our habits - soulmate may be an over used phrase - but it really was true

I would like to carry on as this name of daveann - though maybe not as often as Ann (!) - if just for the fact that she will live on in another way - because I know she will live on in all of you that knew her - and I will enjoy talking with you because in some small way I will be with Ann - so please feel free to message me if you like

Sorry not sure on the icons or tags - so hopefully this will all come out OK