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Thread: Flying BA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 290628

    Oh and I looked into flying into Tampa but Tink said something about a bad drive up from there.

    I would say though if you're happy with the price and it's for seats on a plane facing Florida then book it straight away.
    anything pointing in the direction of Florida will do me!

    Anthony is now suggesting going a few days earlier and spending a bit of time in Tampa before heading over to Orlando, I like the sound of that!

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    perhaps the west coast, St Petersburg? few days on the beach to acclimatise? lots of nice restaurants

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    That's what he was thinking

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    well it's not as if you don't have much holiday LOL :tongue: the big expense with these holidays is the flights, insurance car hire etc, a few days at the beach isn't going to actually add on that much

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    Exactly. The flight cost is the same if we go for 3 or 4 weeks. We've got free dining at Disney so would only really have expenses in the first week

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    If you are going to fly into Tampa and stay over at least one night before driving into the Orlando area, that is doable. It's a heavy, heavy trafficked area, and the drive out of Tampa is not a good one (during regular business hours). If there is an accident on I4 you are stuck until it clears. (Accidents during the week are frequent).

    So, all that to say Tampa is possible, or feasible but you'll want to have some plan in place first. A nice drive over is on SR 50 (north of Tampa). It's longer in some ways, but Old Florida and a very nice drive.

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    That's worth knowing thanks. We'll probably spend a couple of nights there I think. Thanks for the tip about the traffic

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    Is it only BA that fly into Tampa? (says she who shouldn't even be looking at holidays for next year! )


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