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    I'm looking for pictures from the Character & Entertainment Dept from 1979 to 1982. I worked them all. ForeCourt Shows, It's a Small World Stage behind Dumbo's, Electric Light Parade, All parades, Holiday Shows especially Christmas, Kids of the Kingdom, Diamond Horseshoe Review, Hoop dee do Review, Characters walk about, Grad Nights. Security and preserving the Disney Image was so tight then. I wish I had more pix of my old friends & myself. Please share if you find some pictures to Please no spam, I putting my trust in this forum. Please respect this, oxoxo,
    Thanks, Debbie

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    Welcome to Secrets Debbie!! Always happy to have a former Castmember around these parts. I was there in 1979 when I was eight but not again until 1983. I will try and round up some pictures soon as see what I have.

    Since you were a castmember in 1982 where you part of the opening ceremony for EPCOT Center?

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