I felt I had to write this.

A friend, (a mum from school is perhaps a better description), I know who goes to Orlando every other year has been going on about another forum that she is a member of you will probably know of it. Out of interest I had a quick look today. I was astonished at the amount of people who are on there and how quickly it changes.

What struck me as I read through some of the posts is how rude they are to one another. Someone may ask some advice, others will give it then you will get someone come along and basically rip to pieces what others have said. There's no grace, understanding or respect of others and their experiences and opinions, they're just down right rude. One of those who was particularly bad was a forum host, they obviously have a very inflated opinion of themselves. We don't all agree with each other, naturally, but there is a nice way of saying so.

Looking at that forum made me realise how lovely you all are, of course I did know that before but it has just been confirmed again.

You are a really great bunch of people and I am very lucky to be a part of this group.