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Thread: And we are off...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 291019
    Now then, that's better!!! We all knew you were meant to be in "Hot Lips" from the beginning!!! Here's to getting all the bumps out at the beginning and to smooth sailing ahead!! x
    Bwahahaha! Of course they were lol. I want to be Mickey by the way.......... Loving the trip reports, so funny X
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    Eagerly awaiting your next update!

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    We have arrived.

    Well actually it was last night but we were so tired that, well frankly, you lot had to wait till this morning...

    Flight was nice and uneventful. Despite being two hours delayed. Premium economy is nice and as we were at the front at the bulkhead so I had oodles of leg room. Which, being 6'2", was delightful. Could even cross my legs which was heaven. Jeff was more interested in all the free booze they kept throwing at him (probably just to keep him quiet).

    We will try for an upgrade on the way home, see what fate decides.

    Magical express to the hotel (Coronado Springs) where, ironically, we were greeted by a chap from the UK. Small world. Reliably informed that "the computer says you have the quick service dining plan". Cue a half hour discussion, one supervisor, one general manager, two phone calls and much (moderately calm) repetition of "if you see what it says in black and white on my paperwork you'll see we upgraded to the moderate dining plan, not quick service.".

    First time we have ever met a crew member who has ever been grumpy (the supervisor - not our chap from the UK who seemed as bewildered as we were).

    To cut it short, it was resolved (thanks to Rosemary the general manager who was very apologetic throughout) we stuffed our faces with carbs and cheese from the Pepper Market, unpacked and fell asleep. In our room, obviously, not in the restaurant, which is located in the Cabanas this year, not Casitas as it was last time.


    It's now 6.52 am. Jeff's already been to the gym. I'm ready to rock, and we will be off for breakfast shortly then to a water park. Will start a new thread with daily reports.

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    Woohooooo!!! You've arrived!!! And there's CHEESE!!

    Have a lovely day! Can't wait for the reports!

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    Of course there's cheese! They've gone to see a mouse!
    I am a fully fledged member of the Pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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