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Are you on one of the refurbs, you would have seen by your seating plan
Yep. Delighted to find out we are on one of the refurbished 747s. Our chosen seats were based on the old plane though so we had to haggle about where we were going to be seated. Virgin staff-lady-person was very helpful and very patient with our 101 questions and gave us entry to the premium gatwick security system (so we don't have to queue) and put premium economy tickets on our bags so they come out first, even though we are in steerage. Sorry. "economy". Tempted by the upgrade but at 500 for both of us that's a little hard to justify.

And would buy lots of nice goodies.

Or a posh watch each!

Just getting ready now to leave the hotel room and have breakfast at Frankie and Benny's.

Yes we will be very early. But I have OCD about being late so Jeff us very accommodating about that. And my constant paranoia about losing passports, tickets and money. So he let's me supervise those too.

See you when we are in departures!

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