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Thread: Trip report ;-)

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    Day two

    As promised, here's the new trip report.

    As I said earlier, today started off pretty early. We were, as the Americans say, "up and at 'em", before most people and having breakfast by 7.30.
    Managed to find our favourite waitress, Analina, who remembered us from last time and managed a few warm hugs. Bless.

    Off to Typhoon Lagoon where we had our first fun injection with a few trips on Crush N Gusher and then off to the lazy river. Followed by every other water slide (twice) , rubber ring ride and raft ride we could find before racing off back to the hotel for lunch.

    And breathe.

    Then off again to MK to say "hello", where we meandered through the shops trying on half the hats we could find (see other post) and seeing what they've updated this time round.


    Any clues what's it for? Keep it clean, people!

    Raced off to Space Mountain and did that twice. Both of us spectacularly pulled off a grumpy face on the pictures they take at the weirdest moment.

    Quick round of Buzz Lightyear where I trounced Jeff's score spectacularly. As you can see from the picture though he's not impressed. I kept swinging the car around to get the best shots before he'd managed to fire any off. I'm not competitive, much.

    Not really.... Just because I have 'that look' on my face doesn't mean a thing.



    Off to Epcot.... Found our picture on the legend wall. Picture faces directly across from Spaceship Earth., which we then pelted across to as the heavens opened.


    People scurried off like so many ants and Disney instantly made ten grand profit when everyone started to buy the plastic ponchos.

    Still raining, so we did even more shops, trying not to drop kick any of the knee high children when they came bouncing across in front of me.

    Rain eased off a bit so we headed off to China to scan the shops there before our dinner at Nine Dragons. Both of us in hysterics when we saw the following item: placement of the 'fortune cookie' is a little unfortunate, don't you think?


    Time for dinner; steak and shrimp for me (always yummy) tofu stir fried plants and rabbit food for his nibs which apparently was very bland, poor thing. You'd think they'd be a little more creative with their flavouring....

    I had another moment of hilarity scaring future patrons of the restaurant by making the crayon 'toxic'.


    Dinner done, walked outside, still raining (grr) so ran over to Mexico so Jeff can do a Louis Spence impression in a sombrero. (if you don't know who Louis Spence is google it).


    Fed up of the rain and getting tired so decided to forego Illuminations. We are here for two weeks so one evening without fireworks won't kill us.

    And now back at the hotel, having a lovely cuppa. Typically British.

    Oh. And does anyone think these look a bit evil. Like they could audition for a new "Bride of Chucky" film? (shudder).


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    Great report and LOVE the photos!!!

    The rain didn't interfere too badly, it seems. It's been raining quite a bit lately. I know Disney (as we did a bit later) got TROUNCED later this afternoon with a heavy rain and thunder and lightning.

    Looking forward to reading more about your holiday!

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    I love the photos as well.

    Excellent report of the day!

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    Isn't that one of those invisible dogs on a leash?

    Great pics, great report, can't wait for more!

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    Great report, great photos, keep 'em coming.

    And I was going to say the same thing Becca did, an invisible dog leash.

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    Lmao you crack me up

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    I have that Miine Mine Mine t-shirt.

    I cannot comment on that contraption without having to ban myself.

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    The panda looks shocked

    Loving your trip reports, I think we have a similar sense of humour, have fun guys

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    analina is an interesting name

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    Your report is fantastic.

    "Still raining, so we did even more shops, trying not to drop kick any of the knee high children when they came bouncing across in front of me".
    This made us laugh so much, in fact my DH almost spat his coffee out when I read it out to him.

    I'm sure that item in the first picture is available in Ann Summers Shop, not that I go in them I would like to point out.

    Love the photos.
    Sam x

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