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Thread: Day three

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    Day three

    Woke up to glorious sunshine with not a cloud in sight.

    And Mickey having an affair with a local duck....


    Stunning views across the lake on the way to breakfast.


    Stuffed our faces silly and made our merry way to DTD.

    Meandered through all the shops in the marketplace, though Jeff had his nose out of joint because someone has stolen his party dress...


    Half an hour visit to Basin. If you imagine a little girl getting ready to go into thr Princess Boutique for a Disney Makeover. Now imagine a gay man surrounded by bath products.

    You get the picture.

    Finally able to get into the Lego shop, though had to beat a few kids to the side so I could gaze longingly at the Super Star Destroyer, while Jeff fiddled with R2D2.... walked round the rest of the shop imagining a cross between Little Britain and Finding Nemo. "I want that one" rapidly followed by "mine, mine, mine".


    Left Lego finally like a petulant child because we hadn't actually bought anything and stuffed even more food in our faces at Earl of Sandwich. Heartily recommend the chicken and avocado.

    Off down to bottom part where some old woman was handing out free apples. I wasn't really that hungry though....


    World of Disney and silly hat time. Lovely crew member offered to take a joint picture but as you can see she didn't know which end was the pointy end and couldn't really get a clear picture.




    Off to Hollywood Studios and raced off to see the re-vamped Star Tours which is really much better now. For info, there are "apparently" 54 combinations of shows. Whether we will get round to seeing it 54 times I don't know, but we can try.

    More silly hats and more "mine, mine, mine" in the Star Wars shop. Posed for the staff in silly costume.....



    Dinner at Hollywood and Vine and off to Fantasmic. Nice beer while we were waiting for the show to start, though Jeff finished his way too early and was eyeing mine up. I'm sure at some point he started to sign "mine mine mine" but I managed to hold on tight to it before he could swoop in..


    New pre-show half an hour before the stage show begins. Not sure if I care for second rate children's presenters trying to do comedy, but the Americans seem to love it, judging by the crowd's reaction.

    And onto Fantasmic. A few little updates since we last saw it. Mainly additional light features and enhancement, which look nice.


    Annoyed by people getting up to leave before the show had actually finished, which spoilt it slightly, though I still love the ending. Raced back to the bus and managed to be in the queue quickly enough for the first bus.

    Mainly through tripping up the toddlers, turning off the scooters of the slightly less mobile people, re-arranging names on the strollers so families broke into fights over which buggy belonged to whom, pulling teenage girls out of the way by cunning use of pony tails and throwing dust into the eyes of anyone trying to over take us. Cue the bus five minutes later and we are back at the hotel. Jeff has three blisters and I have a slight backache from all the running about, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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    That is some kinda day, men! Eeeesh. I'm tired just reading about it. Sounds like you are having a terrific time, though. Continue to enjoy!!

    Looking forward to the next installment of the Great Hat Caper.

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    In the red...

    I shall be employing some of your tips for getting through the crowds.

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    Hilarious! Ps I want to know how to sign mine mine mine....could come in useful

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    Hilarious, and you two wore me out. So much crammed into one day.

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    You guys sure have more stamina than me, that`s a fact!
    Enjoyed finding out what you are both up to.

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    Brilliant, you make me chuckle. Looking forward to more.
    Sam x

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    That's it, I wanna do disney with you guys!

    Fabulous day!

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    Lol... is Jeff wearing pink trainers and pink socks?
    I am a fully fledged member of the Pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    You two are brilliant and I would love to see you fighting through a crowd

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