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    Well, after a week of thinking we might fly into Tampa rather than directly into Orlando, we've booked our flights.....with a layover in Toronto! I've got family in Canada and when we were considering playing around with the flights a connection in Toronto came up. This got me very excited so we decided to see if we could spend a few days thee before heading to Orlando. So we did it!

    So excited!

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    That's great! When is your trip?

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    That is brilliant, really look forward to reading all about it

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    Sounds wonderful Vikki.

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    That sounds like a great plan Vicki.

    I flew into Tampa on a business trip a few years ago, flying back home [a couple of days later!] from Orlando, and found it to be quite a pleasant drive between the 2 locations.

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    How nice is that!? It's great to be able to incorporate other events into a single trip. Having time with family is really nice. It will be great for your children too. Canada is beautiful, as you know.

    Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time.

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    Thank you. We've actually dropped the beach bit and are doing Canada instead

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