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Thread: Beach Club Villas vs. Beach Club Resort

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    I've been so focused on saying BEACH CLUB, BEACH CLUB, BEACH CLUB for my 40th Birthday Trip (no comments there in the back!) that I haven't given a minutes thought to WHICH Beach Club I'd be booking! So, we started looking last night, and realized that the "Villas" were over a $1000 less than the "Resort." Interesting news until I realized I know very little about either and NOTHING about the differences between the two. Can anyone provide any insight?

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    Well this December will my first stay at the Beach club so I'm far from an expert BUT I'd say from other places, the Villas are usually every bit as nice! To save $1000 I'd have no problem staying at bay lake towers v contemporary or WLV v the lodge itself etc.
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    I stayed 2 nights at the Beach Club just recently. I absolutely loved everything about it! Stormalong Bay was even better than I imagined.

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    You will have more room in the villa, even if you go with a studio. You'll have the kitchenette in the studio and the full kitchen, and laundry in a one bedroom or larger.

    The resort rooms are quite nice, but simply just a hotel room with no amenities like you will find in the villas.

    The pools are open to all, so you'll have your choice of quiet pool, villa pool, and the main pool.

    I'm biased any more, but I'll take a DVC any day over a regular resort room. And yes, the BC is my favorite traditional resort.

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