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    Shopping day at the Florida Mall.

    Slightly expensive taxi journeys there and back but no concerns they were ripping us off. (I had a beady eye kept on the meter).

    Successful day shopping. Slightly perturbed that GAP had these items next to each other. Freddy Kruger anyone?


    Hilarious moments laughing at the very short mall cop on his segway travelling slower than most people were walking but somehow he still wanted to wear a crash helmet.

    Fun had while circling the food court for all the freebies. Had half my dinner before I'd actually paid for anything. Jeff happy to find someone who sold huge chunks of tofu.

    Half of our shopping budget spent on new clothes, Yankee Candles and M&Ms.

    Back to hotel for a half hour breather and off to the Contemporary for dinner at chef Mickey.

    Today's silly head gear:



    Not entirely sure what a nightgown that has a sticker which says "scratch and sniff" would actually entail....

    Drinks at the bar before hand (hic!)


    Brilliant food at Chef Mickey. Jeff, being a vegetarian, has put it at the top of the list for buffets with an excellent choice for veggies.
    Almost literally mobbed by the characters as soon as we sat down:

    Currently sat waiting for Wishes while the electrical light parade winds it merry way round the park.

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