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Thread: The Daytona 500 Trip; Take Two - Pre-trippie; Dining

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    So we're rolling on with this, contract not back yet though!

    These are the dining ressies so far. I missed out on Le Cellier, which was no surprise, but I am checking often just in case one opens up. Also sad that Cali Grill is closed for refurb, so have got to find somewhere else to get my sushi fix.

    February 14 1900 Park Fare - Breakfast
    February 15 Boma Dinner
    February 16 Cape May Cafe - Breakfast
    February 17 Captain's Grille - Dinner
    February 18 Yachtsman Steakhouse - Dinner
    February 19 Kouzzina - Dinner
    February 20 Chef Mickey's - Dinner
    February 21 Boma Breakfast
    February 22 Cape May Cafe - Dinner
    February 23 The Wave - Dinner
    February 25 1900 Park Fare - Dinner
    February 26 Coral Reef - Dinner
    February 27 Crystal Palace - Breakfast


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    I'm going to try the sushi at Tokyo dining so can let you know how it is, what's your favourite? We had some strange sushi in Brighton, very tasty and fresh but it was huge!

    We're going to the captains grille too, have you been before?

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    We've never been to Captains Grille before, had a ressie there a few trips ago, but was ill so didn't make it. We are trying a few new things this time, doing more buffet meals as it will be better for James as he eats like a horse! We have had to think more of Lizzie this time too as she is now an adult for meals so have had to go for places that have things she will eat.

    It's too hard to pick a favourite sushi, I love just about everything
    I looked at the menu at Tokyo dining, but not too sure that it would suit the rest of them. It make be a place that me and Alan can go to on our own


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    take me then and i'll baby sit! although you'd have to bring me back a doggy bag

    not sure whether to have the crab legs at captains grille or not, i like the look of the menu and it gets good reviews

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    I like the sound of the crab cakes too

    Would love to take you to baby sit, but my mum & dad will volunteer for that! (I hope)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkerbell, post: 291576
    I like the sound of the crab cakes too

    Would love to take you to baby sit, but my mum & dad will volunteer for that! (I hope)
    darn it! lol great that you'll have them there

    did you see Tink recommended Sushi in Wolfgang Pucks in DTD?
    yes i do like a crab cake - they're starters though aren't they? are you on the DDP?

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    Yes, we'll be on DDP, crab cakes are also on as an Entree. Well depending on which version the menu you look at
    I did see what Tink had posted, we might have to try there too.


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    so they are! everything on that menu looks yummy

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