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    Time to take it slightly easier today. So we had breakfast and then said hello to our new friend who we find outside our room on a regular basis.


    We have named him Percy and he's the size of my hand! Good looking chap though.

    Then off to Typhoon Lagoon. Rained while we were on the lazy river. People were hiding under the bridges, while standing waist deep in water... Go figure.

    We decided to call it a day when we both started to feel cold so back to the hotel for a muffin the size of my head.

    Quick change. Notice how we have co-ordinated our Oakley lenses so that they co-ordinate with our clothes. Jeff wanted to make sure there were no comments about how his stripes clashed with other patterns .


    Today's head gear:



    Off to Epcot quickly for a spin on Mission: space and a search for this:

    [ATTACH]12679.vB[/ATTACH] (beaver butt soap)

    Off to Boardwalk. Had a wander around Beach Club, Swan and Boardwalk reports. Then dinner at Kouzzina which was nice but incredibly overpriced. If we hadn't had the dining plan I would have been put out paying $33 for steak and potatoes but hey ho. It was nice though.


    Back to the hotel where we treated ourselves to a cocktail each. [ATTACH]12681.vB[/ATTACH]


    Almost fell off the chair when the $25 bill arrived but by that point we were a little squiffy so just paid up and trundled back to the room.


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