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    How can it be that we've returned already?

    We did have a wonderful time. Alaska is incredible. Without "starting something" or giving offense to anyone, Texas can go pound salt for being "the biggest" or having "the biggest" everything! Alaska is truly majestic and we've only seen the lower southern portion!

    Ketchikan did have the market cornered on sea planes, eh? Little "port" after little "port!" We ordered fresh seafood in Ketchikan from a Navy SEAL. (Well, former SEAL) and some in Juneau. We had the most delicious and wonderful King Crab in Juneau, too. Skagway saw us having more halibut, and more crab and oysters! We can't get enough. Although I will say no oyster yet compares to the Kammamotos.

    We've tons of photos, and it will be awhile before I can sort through them. I'll post a few so you can get a feel for the beauty that is Alaska.

    We did have a few iffy spots and most likely won't (never say never, eh) cruise with HAL again. Not too pleased with Olivia this time either, but meh we made our own good time.

    The weather was beyond beautiful. Sunny and warm! (Well, for Alaska warm). The fiord was frozen over once we got about 1/4 of the way to the glacier so we had to turn around. We did see the Sumdum (yep, that's what it's called) glacier though, so not all was lost. Whales, and porpoises, and orcas, and seals, and eagles, and this really cool looking blue and black woodpecker type bird...

    Cannot believe we have to go to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, we are still on Alaska time (four hours behind our east coast time) so expect to be pretty miserable tomorrow.

    Thank you all for reading this far!

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    But, but, but...I want to know moooooooore !!

    Can't wait to see the photos. You must be exhausted though, so feel free to take a ten minute nap before you get started ;-)

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    So glad you had a great time. Alaska is in a word stunning. I guess I forgot it was an Olivia cruise. I would expect a prominant cruise like to have a lot of events in place for a themed cruise. How was the food? I have heard that HAL has some of the best.

    We did a Carnival cruise to AK. Food was ok...nothing to write home (or in the forum) about.:tongue: We did get a captain on his "last cruise" before retiring to some South Pacific island with his new bride. He was about 55 - 60 I would suppose. Because it was his last cruise we got freakishly close to the College (Harvard) Glaciers. Lots of calving to the point where the waves rocked our boat. Well long story short, on another Carnival cruise to Souther Caribbean, that same Italian captain had un retired..:tongue: Apparently the marriage didn't take.

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    Thanks for that mini trip report Tink....can`t wait to see the photos.

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    Really looking forward to pictures Tink. I would LOVE to do Alaska sometime.

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