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Thread: Mexico here we come !!!!!

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    My husband and I are off to Mexico at Christmas for two week and really can't wait now for it to come.
    We are stay at the Azul Sensatori Hotel in the Riviera Maya area.:biggrin:

    If anyone has any advice about Mexico that you think would be useful please let me know.

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    i don't i'm afraid but i have been told that the Sensatori resorts are very nice. Would love to hear about it when you get back

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    We went for three weeks not so long back... you are in a beautiful area the beaches are good. Tips are... take American Dollars but you will get change in Mexican money. American Dollars are used freely. Also factor fifty or you will burn. Mossie bands on your wrists and ankles and sleep with them on if you are one of those people that gets bitten. Plus.... the Mexicans won't take/touch torn notes, so if you are given any in change they are trying to get rid of them onto you, you will NOT be able to spend them, they just won't accept them so any torn notes from your bank before you go get them to replace them as they are worthless tender once out there.

    You will have a blast and I'm jealous! lol. Visit Playa Del Carmen for shopping too as well as Cancun. And Chichen Itsa.
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    How nice!!

    Most resorts offer tours to Chichen Itza, Tulum, Xcaret and the Cenotes. Wear bug repellent bracelets and spray in those places since theyre in the middle of the jungle!

    Take 1 or 2 light sweaters, it can get windy and temperatures drop a bit at night.

    Take kaopectate or peptobismol or whatever you normally take for tummy ache/diarreah

    Have a wonderful time!!!

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