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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendy, post: 293033
    I don't think I would have liked not having a say in the wedding Chris and I planned everything together and it was all part of the excitement and experience.

    Give me the surprise any day... all that stress taken away from me.... bliss! lol. How different we all are :)

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    Wow that is some surprise. They're lucky they had someone who just sat there and cried, I would have been up and out. When they took him away to get dried I would have walked. They would have had to work hard to keep me there before all the singing, dancing, etc.

    It was so well done it was like watching a Disney film, Chicken Duck said it reminded her of Enchanted. The wedding bit wasn't so great but if it was me I would make sure that we had a blessing on another day so that I got to do the planning, choose the dress, etc.
    Sam x

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