Well the time has officially arrived, we are on on our way to Florida and Disney

I can't believe that the time has come so quickly, the last time I looked there was still 2 months to go and now it's officially time

We left home this morning and had a long 5 hour drive to Gatwick Airport. We checked into the Hilton and were given an upgrade to a deluxe room, what they didn't say was that it was a twin bed room the room is very nice though

We went over to Wetherspoons in the Airport for something to eat, I can't believe how much it's changed, where have all the shops gone before you go through to departures

I've checked in on line and it looks like we have one of the refurbed 747s, so looking forward to that and we are on the 1pm flight tomorrow that it is on time.

I don't know how I will get any sleep tonight I am soooooo excited Chris just rolls his eyes at me but he's excited to, he just pretends he's not

We've got some different places we want to go this time, we have tickets for Disney (obviously ) SeaWorld - haven't been for a few years, Universal Studios - haven't been for a very long time and Kennedy Space Centre. We are also hoping to get down to St Augustine and also to Sarasota to rent a boat. The rest of the time we will be relaxing by the pool or shopping

It's the F&WF so we will be spending some time there and we are meeting some friends.

Well that's what's planned, whether we manage to do it all is another story You'll have to watch this space