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Thread: Alaska Photos

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    Here are a few shots of Alaska. This is an eagle that was waiting for us in Juneau. We loved the fog. It was bright sunshine toward the ground, and misty fog as you climbed higher.
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    Juneau's Wild Oven. This is the place we stumbled upon with the incredible bread and some sweets. Primarily bread though. 60 year old sourdough starter. As a rule, I don't like sour dough, but this stuff was very nice. The hills in Juneau were steep in some places. [ATTACH]12838.vB[/ATTACH]
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    Juneau has this little crabshack, Tracy's. We had our lunch there. Three pounds of King Crab legs and we ate every bit. Didn't eat the rolls, or much of the coleslaw though. It was enough for us to finish the crab! Alaska has any number of microbreweries too. Nice beer along with the crab made for a very satisfying lunch!

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    This is a shot of a mountain in Skagway. We have so very many scenery shots it's nearly impossible to decide which to post! We had more crab, oysters and halibut in Skagway.

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    We were a little surprised to see that there were many cruise line "adverts" on the rocks!

    Here's just one.

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    This shot was taken from the Aleutian Ballad. Fans of "The Deadliest Catch" may recognize the name of this crab boat. It's the one that was laid on its side in season two by a rogue wave. It's also the one that had the hull ripped out by a captain that fell asleep! It's been fully repaired and now does tours explaining the ecology of the ocean, the Alaskan fishing industry and the true and real dangers of fishing the Bearing Sea. We really enjoyed the tour, and loved seeing the eagles close up. To say we have "a lot" of shots of eagles is the greatest understatement!

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    While in the Tracy Arm fiord the opportunities for incredible shots were everywhere you turned. Here is one that tries to capture a bit of much of what you see; the majestic mountains, the waterfalls, the color of the mineral laden water, and an iceberg. This is the area where we had to turn back as the fiord had started to freeze over (further along). The icebergs were touching one another there were so many. Needless to say, no one was displeased that we turned back!

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    This is a larger iceberg. Although many bounced off the sides of the ship, this one the Captain chose to avoid. As you know, what you see above water is a fraction of the actual size with the majority of the mass being underwater.

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    BLOW!!!! You heard that shouted over and over and over. (OK, so with a few giggles interspersed here and there). This is a humpback just coming to surface.

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    This is Elliot St. in Ketchikan. Yep. All those stairs. Climb those with an armful of groceries!

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