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Thread: The "We are Officially Here" Report - Day 4

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    Today we are going to Epcot Itís taken lots of nagging to get the vouchers changed into Annual Passes, but it paid off on the end




    Arriving at the park just after it opened, we were directed to the front of the parking lot which was just a short walk from the entrance. Luckily most of the guests were going to the right hand bag check area, so it was a quick walk through the turnstiles and we were in


    We looked at the board and there was already a 70 minute wait for Soarin and it was only 9.20am! Whilst we were talking about going and grabbing a fast pass, the CM that was there asked me if I had a Guest Assistance Card. I said I didnít and he advised me to go to Guest Services and get one as he explained I might find this useful rather than having to stand in line. Off we went to Guest Services where I explained what had happened and I was given a Card.

    We walked over to The Land and went to Soarin, where I showed the Card to the CM and was told to go down the Fast Pass line. It was the only time I used it as I felt really uncomfortable and I donít know if Iíll use it again



    We strolled around and Chris was taking photos along the way, not many just the odd one here and there. As we got to World Showcase, we decided to walk around the World anti clockwise for a change as we were both feeling peckish and the Boulangerie Patisserie was calling us Chris went and got our usual ham quiche and strawberry tart to share, which was just as nice as usual. We sat people watching outside for a while as the cool area in the shop has been closed off as part of the refurbishment.




    All of the booths are out for the F&WF and there were lots of people cleaning them inside and arranging them ready for the opening.

    One thing that did surprise me was that there were hardly any Photopass Photograpers around. The first one we saw was in China and when we asked him where the others were he laughed and said ďtea breakĒ


    I was getting to the point where I couldnít walk for much longer so we made our way back to the car.
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    Oh now I am mighty jealous!!! It should have been 18 days till we go but instead it's 383 days. Thankfully we have some sort of a countdown
    Looks like you are both having a fantastic time and I'm loving the pics.

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    Nice photos!!! Looks like you had a very sunny day to visit. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us!

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    It looks like a lovely day and not too busy. Thank you for your report and photos. Im enjoying them a lot.


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    I love the photos of the Gill and Dory!
    Sounds like a lovely day Wendy - looking forward to reading more!

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