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Thread: 15yr old school girl who ran off with teacher

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    I remember when I was 15 I played basketball for our local ladies national league team. Every Wednesday evening both the male and female teams trained together. I remember that during that time my school took on a new PE teacher who was very good looking and young. All the girls swooned over him and you can imagine the shock when one night at training in walked this new teacher who had just started playing for the male team.

    When I told my friends at school, suddenly I had a lot turning up to watch me train. One of the girls, who was always dressed older and I think even got 'engaged' when she was 13 completely threw herself at him. She tried everything she could to get him to ask her out and although you could tell he was flattered and was charmed by her (she was very pretty and did look more like 18 years old), he was very gracious but basically told her to leave him alone.

    A few years later we chatted about her and I did ask was he ever interested. He admitted that he could have been easily tempted and apparently she even turned up at his house a few times. But he accepted that she was still a child and that to him it would be nothing less than child molesting, even though he was actually only 7 years old than her.

    My point is that she was very persistent and we did only have a few months left until we left school, but he new he was in a position of responsibility. Whilst this young girl Megan may think that she was grown up, she is still too young to understand the consequences of her actions. At that age she is blinkered and under this illusion that she is in love.

    The teacher on the other hand should be dealt with heavily. Like someone mentioned before it would have been slightly different if he had met her in a bar and was unaware of her age. As a parent we send our children to school or even sports groups, scouts, etc and expect these people to behave responsibly. I can't even imagine how I would cope if it had been my daughter, the thought of what they had been doing all this time, the thought of him taking her innocence. I have to admit I really feel for his parents, those poor people were devasted, the embarrassment they have to live with knowing what their son did. That man is a disgrace and should be made an example, he has no excuses. Can anyone please tell me what a 30 year old man could possibly have in common with a 15 year old girl?
    Sam x

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    I did some lecturing whilst doing my phd research work. I guess I was about 23/24 and I was teaching undergrads so they'd be 18/19. Not a huge difference in age which I suppose makes it all the more awkward in a way.

    I worked along side a guy who was part timing as a male model way to wreck one's self esteem! Anyway he had his share of interest but likewise so did I which just went to prove to me, in that situation it's less about looks and more about positions of "power" and trust.

    Anyway, being rather silly young guys, we rather enjoyed the attention but were always very careful not to encourage anything.. not for angelic or moral reasons but rather more because the pay was great and it was a good gig!

    One day we were in the department office and it wasn't unusual for us to be sent silly little gifts.. chocolate, funny letters, whatever. Anyway the department secretary, a somewhat old, rather large and fearsome character, yelled at us for a good 30 mins straight about how we had NO idea what we were doing and a game to us was likely very much more serious at the other end of things. No good could come etc etc. I remember one line even now, "by 15 a girl has more emotional intelligence than a man will get in his whole life! you're BOTH in trouble you're just too damn naive to know it"

    oops :/

    Of course looking back she was absolutely right. We were trusted and needed to understand that it wasn't in any way a social situation it was a professional situation. I think we did to an extent but the young ladies were so persistent that we both thought we were being saintly not going further than a quick flirt when of course, that was inappropriate and too far in and of itself.

    Anyway, the wrath of the department secretary scared the heck out of us and so we really did try to be approachable without being too friendly. Led to several instances of trying to negotiate with a sobbing undergrad locked in a toilet though.

    Of course, no one concerned was underage but then what's the age other than an arbitrarily decided figure anyway. The point is that in a position of trust like that, it's for the professional to act responsibly.

    It's definitely the teacher's fault. It was definitely our fault in the story above but I can SOOOOOOOOO understand why it happened.
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    I really don't know what is wrong with this world! How can that teacher do that? As a teacher I was always on my guard to make sure that even the slightest bit of impropriety would not be allowed. Too much harm can come from someone even suggesting an improper relationship. I never would accept kids in my lab or room without keeping the door open, letting a neighboring teacher know that I had kids in the room, or having some sort of witness. It is a shame but that is the life that one has to lead. You could meet in the hallways, or library, but never alone in a room or office.

    That teacher needs incarceration. Just my opinion.

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