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    Hi, Does any one know how to rent points from DVC members? I have read that you can do this but am finding it difficult to find how to do it?

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    You have to first locate a person who is willing to rent points. I know some people do it on a regular basis (rent points out) but no one here at Secrets does as far as I know.

    Renting DVC points is entering into a (pricey) transaction with a stranger, so be certain you know exactly what you are getting and what recourse you have if things go sour before you pay a cent for anything.

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    I own at SSR, but only a very small lot of points. I've rented points a few times before and (touch wood) never had any problems. I'm renting points for a 3 night stay at OKW in January and all is good.

    I don't think I'd be allowed to say where I rent from on here but if you'd like more info just let me know

    Hope that helps.

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    HI, thank you for replying. How else can I find out who rent then?

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    I've PM'd you

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    there are also companies that rent out points. I am unable to recommend any as i haven't used any but an internet search would bring up some results.

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