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Thread: March crowd levels and weather?

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    can anyone tell me what the crowd levels and weather are like in march?

    is it a busy time generally?

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    It depends first on when spring breaks are running, for the attendance levels of course. Nearly all schools from little kids in grade school to universities take spring break and they can start as early as late February and run through the week of Easter. It can be quite busy.

    Weather is a big maybe. Maybe it will be beautiful and warm, maybe it will be cool and rainy, maybe it will be downright cold! Plan to dress in layers so you'll be ready for nearly anything.

    Now, as a general rule March is nice. The humidity is very low so that keeps the temperatures feeling comfortable. The temps are not peaking in the high 80s yet, so the overall weather is nice.

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    We'll be there in March this year! The last week to be exact. Keep in mind that Easter is the last Sunday in March, so the week preceding may see quite high crowds. Other than that, I think it's quite a lovely time to visit!

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